Learn How to Speak Japanese
with Katakana Audios

Learn how to speak Japanese online free with the audio sounds of all the katakana characters.

Although the pronunciation of each character is the same as the equivalent hiragana character, you'll still need to recognize which sound belongs to which character.

Listen to the all the audio sounds as much as possible until you are familiarize with the pronunciations. Try follow the audios by reading out each of them loudly.

The table below shows the 46 basic katakana characters.

vowels ア a イ i ウ u エ e オ o
k-line カ ka キ ki ク ku ケ ke コ ko
s-line サ sa シ shi ス su セ se ソ so
t-line タ ta チ chi ツ tsu テ te ト to
n-line ナ na ニ ni ヌ nu ネ ne ノ no
h-line ハ ha ヒ hi フ fu ヘ he ホ ho
m-line マ ma ミ mi ム mu メ me モ mo
y-line ヤ ya ユ yu ヨ yo
r-line ラ ra リ ri ル ru レ re ロ ro
w-line ワ wa ヲ wo
ン n

Similar to hiragana audio page, there is a play button below each katakana character. Click on the button to play the individual sound.

vowel: ア a

vowel: イ i

vowel: ウ u

vowel: エ e

vowel: オ o

k-line: カ ka

k-line: キ ki

k-line: ク ku

k-line: ケ ke

k-line: コ ko

s-line: サ sa

s-line: シ shi

s-line: ス su

s-line: セ se

s-line: ソ so

t-line: タ ta

t-line: チ chi

t-line: ツ tsu

t-line: テ te

t-line: ト to

n-line: ナ na

n-line: ニ ni

n-line: ヌ nu

n-line: ネ ne

n-line: ノ no

h-line: ハ ha

h-line: ヒ hi

h-line: フ fu

h-line: ヘ he

h-line: ホ ho

m-line: マ ma

m-line: ミ mi

m-line: ム mu

m-line: メ me

m-line: モ mo

y-line: ヤ ya

y-line: ユ yu

y-line: ヨ yo

r-line: ラ ra

r-line: リ ri

r-line: ル ru

r-line: レ re

r-line: ロ ro

w-line: ワ wa

w-line: ヲ wo

ン n

Audio Sounds for 濁音 (dakuon) and 半濁音 (handakuon)

g-line ガ ga ギ gi グ gu ゲ ge ゴ go
z-line ザ za ジ ji ズ zu ゼ ze ゾ zo
d-line ダ da ヂ ji ヅ zu デ de ド do
b-line バ ba ビ bi ブ bu ベ be ボ bo
p-line パ pa ピ pi プ pu ペ pe ポ po

Click on the play button to play each audio sound.

g-line: ガ ga

g-line: ギ gi

g-line: グ gu

g-line: ゲ ge

g-line: ゴ go

z-line: ザ za

z-line: ジ ji

z-line: ズ zu

z-line: ゼ ze

z-line: ゾ zo

d-line: ダ da

d-line: ヂ ji

d-line: ヅ zu

d-line: デ de

d-line: ド do

b-line: バ ba

b-line: ビ bi

b-line: ブ bu

b-line: ベ be

b-line: ボ bo

p-line: パ pa

p-line: ピ pi

p-line: プ pu

p-line: ペ pe

p-line: ポ po

Audio Sounds for 拗音 (youon)

k-line キャ kya キュ kyu キョ kyo
s-line シャ sha シュ shu ショ sho
t-line チャ cha チュ chu チョ cho
n-line ニャ nya ニュ nyu ニョ nyo
h-line ヒャ hya ヒュ hyu ヒョ hyo
m-line ミャ mya ミュ myu ミョ myo
r-line リャ rya リュ ryu リョ ryo

Click on the play button to play each audio sound.

k-line: キャ kya

k-line: キュ kyu

k-line: キョ kyo

s-line: シャ sha

s-line: シュ shu

s-line: ショ sho

t-line: チャ cha

t-line: チュ chu

t-line: チョ cho

n-line: ニャ nya

n-line: ニュ nyu

n-line: ニョ nyo

h-line: ヒャ hya

h-line: ヒュ hyu

h-line: ヒョ hyo

m-line: ミャ mya

m-line: ミュ myu

m-line: ミョ myo

r-line: リャ rya

r-line: リュ ryu

r-line: リョ ryo

Audio Sounds for 拗音 (youon) with 濁点 (dakuten) and 半濁点 (handakuten)

g-line ギャ gya ギュ gyu ギョ gyo
z-line ジャ ja ジュ ju ジョ jo
b-line ビャ bya ビュ byu ビョ byo
p-line ピャ pya ピュ pyu ピョ pyo

Click on the play button to play each audio sound.

g-line: ギャ gya

g-line: ギュ gyu

g-line: ギョ gyo

z-line: ジャ ja

z-line: ジュ ju

z-line: ジョ jo

b-line: ビャ bya

b-line: ビュ byu

b-line: ビョ byo

p-line: ピャ pya

p-line: ピュ pyu

p-line: ピョ pyo

Audio Sounds for 促音 (sokuon)

Katakana with sokuon Meaning
ペット petto pet
レッスン ressun lesson
スイッチ suiichi switch

Listen to the audio sounds of the words with sokuon.

1. With sokuon: ペット petto - pet

2. With sokuon: レッスン ressun - lesson

3. With sokuon: スイッチ suiichi - switch

Audio Sounds for Long Vowels 長音 (chouon)

Katakana with chouon Meaning
セーター se-ta- sweater
タクシー takushi- taxi
カレー kare- curry

Listen to the audio sounds of the words with chouon.

1. With chouon: セーター se-ta- (sweater)

2. With chouon: タクシー takushi- (taxi)

3. With chouon: カレー kare- (curry)

Always come back to this "Learn how to speak Japanese with katakana" page to practise your reading of each katakana character.

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