Japanese Learning Software Review -
Rocket Japanese 2023 Edition

Learning Japanese through Japanese learning software can be quite effective too.

Personally I still prefer the classroom-style environment where I can interact directly with my Japanese teacher.

However, I understand that many people cannot commit to attend a regular class due to irregular working hours, busy schedules, frequent overseas travels, financial issues, or many other personal reasons.

If that's the case, learning through Japanese learning software can be a good alternative choice.

Note: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

Rocket Japanese 2023 Edition let you learn to speak Japanese at your own time and pace. Because all lessons are stored online, you can simply learn Japanese anytime and anywhere so long you have internet connection.

If you prefer, you can download all the audio tracks into you computer, or transfer them to your iPod/MP3 player. You can then listen to them anytime, anywhere, all according to your personal preference.

You can now even access Rocket Japanese from any tablet or smartphone because through the app that comes with every Rocket Japanese course.

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This online Japanese course has more than 70 language lessons that cover everything you need for daily conversations - from greetings and self-introduction to asking for directions to knowing what you need to say when shopping, dining, traveling, and even emergencies.

It gives you the feeling of the real-life situations that you will encounter if you are living in Japan.

You will also be able to write hiragana, katakana and many kanji at ease after completing the Writing Lessons.

Besides the main conversation dialog in each lesson, you can also learn additional Japanese vocabulary in the Extra Vocabulary section.

At the end of each lesson, you'll see the Rocket Reinforcement activities which are specifically designed to help you:

  1. improve and speak better Japanese and
  2. enhance & recap what you have learned in that particular lesson

There is also a section on Extra Testing which you will find two testing tools called Sort It! Kana and Sort It! Kanji.

These Sort It! tools help you to improve your understanding of Japanese sentence structures. You just need to listen to the audio and sort the cards into the correct sentence to match what you hear.

Worry about nowhere to get help? You can always get your questions answered in the Rocket Japanese Forum where you have 24/7 unlimited access after signing up.

Learn More About Rocket Japanese 2023 Edition ».

I want to highlight some greatest benefits you will gain with its best features that I personally think worth spend your money.

Rocket Record - Best Feature that let you speak Perfect Japanese

One of the best parts that I like about the Rocket Japanese Premium is its voice recognition feature - Rocket Record.

I think this feature alone is already worth all your money spent on this software because it helps you speak perfect Japanese.

Rocket Japanese Voice RecognitionThis shows the Voice Record feature in one of the Rocket Japanese lesson. The 100 shown in the green circle is the score for your recorded voice. If your Japanese is not perfect, you will get lower score.

We all know that it's always difficult to speak like a Japanese native speaker, mostly because of our own accent.

You can easily differentiate if a person speaks good Japanese just by listening to his/her speech.

Let's face it. Unless you live in Japan and have the chance to listen and speak to the natives for several years, it's unlikely you can speak like them, even in a classroom environment.

However, Rocket Record let you record your own voice on a Japanese word or phrase after listening to the native speaker saying the same word or phrase.

It will then give you instant feedback, rating you out of 100, and showing you what you got wrong.

You can repeat the process hundreds of times until your voice sounds perfect, all at your own pace.

By that time, you know your Japanese pronunciation is almost perfect for that particular word or phrase.

You can never do this in a normal Japanese class as the teachers don't have that much time to concentrate on correcting all your pronunciations.

I simply love this voice recognition tool that you cannot find elsewhere in other Japanese learning software.

I have to admit that my Japanese pronunciation is not perfect even though I have been studying Japanese for many years.

But my pronunciation has been greatly improved after using this Rocket Record feature.

Now I speak Japanese more fluently and confidently without second guessing the intonations of the Japanese words or phrases.

The reason I am recommending this Japanese learning software to you is because it provides this brilliant feature that my site lacks.

While I think my site does a good job of providing many basic and intermediate lessons and a great list of vocabulary, this software feature let you perfect your pronunciation and build up your confidence to speak Japanese.

What I don't like about the Software

One minor complain about the software is that the Japanese pronunciation of the co-host (Kenny Takahashi) in the interactive audio lessons is slightly not that accurate due to his English accent. But some of the Japanese voice maps are based on his voice.

This makes me wonder how we can perfect our pronunciations if we were to match his voice maps. We all want to speak like a Japanese native speaker eventually and not like Kenny with his English accent.

But I think this new co-host (Kenny Takahashi) is much better than the previous co-host (Kenny Squire) in the older edition. The new Kenny's Japanese pronunciation is much more natural and his English accent is not as strong as the old Kenny.

Fortunately, you still have many chances to listen to the native host, Sayaka Matsuura, repeating the same Japanese words or phrases in the same audio lesson to perfect your pronunciation.

And many of the same words and phrases are also repeated in the Language and Culture Lessons by Japanese native speakers with the recording feature.

Order and Start Learning Japanese Immediately

If your time is precious and want to learn to speak Japanese quickly, learning through Japanese learning software is the best choice.

If that's the case, make it Rocket Japanese. It will definitely be money well spent for you.

Order and Start Learning through Rocket Japanese 2023 Edition now ».


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