Learn to Speak Japanese Online
with Hiragana Audios

Learn to speak Japanese online for free with the audio sounds of all the hiragana characters.

This will help you understand the correct pronunciation of each Japanese hiragana, and build a solid foundation.

Listen to the all the audio sounds as much as possible until you are familiarize with the pronunciations. Try follow the audios by reading out each of them loudly.

The table below shows the 46 basic hiragana characters. There is a play button below each character.

Click on the button to play the individual sound.

NOTE: The play buttons can only work if you visit this page using PC or laptop. They won't work if you are using smartphone or tablet.

vowels あ a
い i
う u
え e
お o
k-line か ka
き ki
く ku
け ke
こ ko
s-line さ sa
し shi
す su
せ se
そ so
t-line た ta
ち chi
つ tsu
て te
と to
n-line な na
に ni
ぬ nu
ね ne
の no
h-line は ha
ひ hi
ふ fu
へ he
ほ ho
m-line ま ma
み mi
む mu
め me
も mo
y-line や ya
ゆ yu
よ yo
r-line ら ra
り ri
る ru
れ re
ろ ro
w-line わ wa
を wo
ん n

Audio Sounds for 濁音 (dakuon) and 半濁音 (handakuon)

Click on the play button to play each audio sound.

g-line が ga
ぎ gi
ぐ gu
げ ge
ご go
z-line ざ za
じ ji
ず zu
ぜ ze
ぞ zo
d-line だ da
ぢ ji
づ zu
で de
ど do
b-line ば ba
び bi
ぶ bu
べ be
ぼ bo
p-line ぱ pa
ぴ pi
ぷ pu
ぺ pe
ぽ po

Audio Sounds for 拗音 (youon)

Click on the play button to play each audio sound.

k-line きゃ kya
きゅ kyu
きょ kyo
s-line しゃ sha
しゅ shu
しょ sho
t-line ちゃ cha
ちゅ chu
ちょ cho
n-line にゃ nya
にゅ nyu
にょ nyo
h-line ひゃ hya
ひゅ hyu
ひょ hyo
m-line みゃ mya
みゅ myu
みょ myo
r-line りゃ rya
りゅ ryu
りょ ryo

Audio Sounds for 拗音 (youon) with 濁点 (dakuten) and 半濁点 (handakuten)

Click on the play button to play each audio sound.

g-line ぎゃ gya
ぎゅ gyu
ぎょ gyo
z-line じゃ ja
じゅ ju
じょ jo
b-line びゃ bya
びゅ byu
びょ byo
p-line ぴゃ pya
ぴゅ pyu
ぴょ pyo

Audio Sounds for 促音 (sokuon)

Listen to the differences between words with sokuon and without sokuon.

Without sokuon Meaning With sokuon Meaning
かこ kako (過去)
past かっこ kakko (括弧)
にし nishi (西)
west にっし nisshi (日誌)
うた uta (歌)
song うった utta (売った)
きて kite (着て)
wear きって kitte (切手)

Audio Sounds for Long Vowels 長音 (chouon)

Listen to the differences between words with chouon and without chouon.

Without chouon Meaning With chouon Meaning
おばさん obasan
aunt おばあさん obaasan
おじさん ojisan
uncle おじいさん ojiisan
いえ ie (家)
home いいえ iie
つち tsuchi (土)
earth つうち tsuuchi (通知)
ここ koko
here こうこう koukou (高校)
high school

If you want to make your pronunciations perfect, always come to this "Learn to speak Japanese online" page to practise your reading of each hiragana character.

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