Japanese Nouns Part 3 -
Actions before and after Noun -
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For topics on Japanese nouns, You have already learned how to form simple sentences using nouns and how to use one noun to modify another noun in lesson 2 and 3 respectively.

In this lesson I will concentrate on 2 simple sentence patterns that specify the actions perform before and after noun.

In Japanese, it's always useful to state that you are going to do certain actions before or after certain events.

These events are normally specified as Japanese nouns. And these nouns often involve certain actions.

Sentence Patterns

Let's check out the 2 sentence patterns...

Noun のまえに Verb (~ます)
Noun no mae ni Verb (~masu)
Meaning: Before Noun Verb (~masu)

Noun のあとで Verb (~ます)
Noun no ato de Verb (~masu)
Meaning: After Noun Verb (~masu)

One thing you have to take note is that the Noun in the above sentence patterns refer to only Japanese nouns that involve certain actions such as...

  • あさごはん (asagohan) - Breakfast
  • ひるごはん (hirugohan) - Lunch
  • ばんごはん (bangohan) - Dinner
  • べんきょう (benkyou) - Study
  • そうじ (souji) - Cleaning
  • せんたく (sentaku) - Do laundry
  • がっこう (gakkou) - School
  • しごと (shigoto) - Work

Action Before Japanese Noun

Let's say that you are going to eat your breakfast or read the newspaper before school.

Action Before Japanese Noun

Using the above scenarios, you can express them in the following...

  • がっこう のまえに あさごはんをたべます。
    gakkou no mae ni asagohan wo tabemasu
    Meaning: I eat my breakfast before school.
  • がっこう のまえに しんぶんをよみます。
    gakkou no mae ni shinbun wo yomimasu
    Meaning: I read the newspaper before school. 

Action After Japanese Noun

In another case, let's say that you are going to eat your dinner or study after work.

Action After Japanese Noun

Again using the above scenarios, you can express them in the following...

  • しごと のあとで ばんごはんをたべます。
    shigoto no ato de bangohan wo tabemasu
    Meaning: I eat my dinner after work.
  • しごと のあとで べんきょうをします。
    shigoto no ato de benkyou wo shimasu
    Meaning: I study after work.

More Examples on Actions Before and After Japanese Nouns

Action Before & After Japanese Noun
  • あさごはん のまえに シャワーをあびます。
    asagohan no mae ni shawa- wo abimasu
    Meaning: I take a shower before breakfast.
  • あさごはん のまえに てをあらいます。
    asagohan no mae ni te wo araimasu
    Meaning: I wash my hand before breakfast. 
  • あさごはん のあとで がっこうへいきます。
    asagohan no ato de gakkou e ikimasu
    Meaning: I go to school after breakfast.
  • あさごはん のあとで テレビをみます。
    asagohan no ato de terebi wo mimasu
    Meaning: I watch tv after breakfast.
Action Before & After Japanese Noun
  • おふろ のまえに テニスをします。
    ofuro no mae ni tenisu wo shimasu
    Meaning: I play tenis before taking a bath.
  • おふろ のまえに みずをのみます。
    ofuro no mae ni mizu wo nomimasu
    Meaning: I drink water before taking a bath. 
  • おふろ のあとで おんがくをききます。
    ofuro no ato de ongaku wo kikimasu
    Meaning: I listen to music after taking a bath.
  • おふろ のあとで ねます。
    ofuro no ato de nemasu
    Meaning: I go to bed after taking a bath. 

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