Using Numbers in Japanese -
Free Japanese Lessons: 8

This lesson covers how you can incorporate numbers in Japanese into normal sentences.

Numbers in Japanese

Before going further, please take some time to look at the section on Japanese numbers, where you will learn how to read and count Japanese numbers.

Tables on numbers from 0 to 1,000,000,000,000 are also given.

Besides, there are other related topics on numbers in Japanese like:

  1. Japanese counter words
  2. Days, months & years in Japanese
  3. Japanese time
  4. Durations in Japanese
  5. Age in Japanese.

When you have finished exploring the above section, come back to here to learn about how to incorporate the numbers into actual sentences.

Putting Numbers in Japanese into Sentences

Using numbers in sentence is quite simple. Look at the following expressions...

Subject が Number あります (Subject ga Number arimasu)
Subject が Number います (Subject ga Number imasu)

Meaning: There is Number subjects. (where Number can be any number)

Please take note that the number comes after the particle . Putting in some real numbers in the expressions...

  • りんごふたつあります。
    ringo ga futatsu arimasu
    Meaning: There are 2 apples.
  • おんなのひとさんにんいます。
    onna no hito ga sannin imasu
    Meaning: There are 3 women.

Adding in the location in the expressions...

Place に Subject が Number あります (Place ni Subject ga arimasu)
Place に Subject が Number います (Place ni Subject ga imasu)

Meaning: There is Number subjects in/at Place.

The following shows some examples using the above expressions plus some others you have learned in the previous lessons...

  • つくえのうえにコーヒーがさんばいあります。
    tsukue no ue ni ko-hi- ga sanbai arimasu
    Meaning: There are 3 cups of coffee on the desk.
  • ベッドのうえにかさがにほんあります。
    beddo no ue ni kasa ga nihon arimasu
    Meaning: There are 2 umbrellas on the bed.
  • うちのそとにじてんしゃがよんだいあります。
    uchi no soto ni jitensha ga yondai arimasu
    Meaning: There are 4 bicycles outside my house.
  • こうえんにこどもがふたりいます。
    kouen ni kodomo ga futari imasu
    Meaning: There are 2 children in the park.
  • いすのしたにねこがいっぴきいます。
    isu no shita ni neko ga ippiki imasu
    Meaning: There is a cat under the chair.

Particle と (to)

The particle と (to) is used to connect 2 nouns together, equivalent to "and" in English.

However it can only be used for connecting nouns, not adjectives nor verbs. The simplest format will be...

NounA NounB
NounA to NounB

Meaning: NounA and NounB.

Combining Particle と (to) with Numbers in Japanese

If you want to mention 2 things (nouns) in one sentence, make use of particle と (to). The following expressions show the result...

Place に SubjectA が NumberA SubjectB が NumberB あります
Place ni SubjectA ga NumberA to SubjectB ga NumberB arimasu

Place に SubjectA が NumberA SubjectB が NumberB います
Place ni SubjectA ga NumberA to SubjectB ga NumberB imasu

Meaning: There are NumberA SubjectA and NumberB subjectB in/at Place.

Put in some real figures in the above expressions...

  • つくえのうえにかみがごまいじしょがにさつあります。
    tsukue no ue ni kami ga gomai to jisho ga nisatsu arimasu
    Meaning: There are 5 pieces of papers and 2 dictionaries on the desk.
  • つくえのうえにとけいながいえんぴつがさんぼんあります。
    tsukue no ue ni tokei to nagai enpitsu ga sanbon arimasu
    Meaning: There are one watch and 3 long pencils on the desk. 
  • うちのなかにおとこのこがふたりおんなのこがさんにんいます。
    uchi no naka ni otoko noko ga futari to onna noko ga sannin imasu
    Meaning: There are 2 boys and 3 girls inside the house. 
  • うちのなかにねこがにひきいぬがいます。
    uchi no naka ni neko ga nihiki to inu ga imasu
    Meaning: There are 2 cats and a dog inside the house. 

Asking for Something - Noun をください

You can use the above expression when you are asking for something from somebody, for example, when you are buying something in a shop.

So if you are buying more than one, put in the number after the particle (wo), such as...

Noun を Number ください
Noun wo Number kudasai

Meaning: Please give me Number Noun.

Again, use the particle と (to) if there are more than one subject...

NounA を NumberA と NounB を NumberB ください
NounA wo NumberA to NounB wo NumberB kudasai

Meaning: Please give me NumberA NounA and NumberB NounB.

Let's put in some numbers to show the above expressions...

  • じしょを にさつ とえんぴつを にほん ください。
    jisho wo nisatsu to enpitsu wo nihon kudasai
    Meaning: Please give me 2 dictionaries and 2 pencils.

All the above examples show how you can incorporate numbers in Japanese into sentences. You just need to take note that in a typical sentence, particles always come before numbers in Japanese.

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