Japanese Transport
Words and Vocabulary

In this section on Japanese transport, we will talk about the vocabulary used to describe the various transportation that you can find in Japan.

Japanese Transport Vocabulary

Without doubt, Japan has the most advanced, sophisticated and yet efficient public transportation network as compared to other countries.

In big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, you will find a lot of transport services like train, subway, bus, taxi, etc. Big cities in different prefectures are also interconnected by many modes of transportation.

It is also worth to mention about the punctuality of Japan public transportation despite being considered one of the busiest in the world.

I always wonder how they are able to maintain this strict punctuality all the time. I had this personal experience some years back when I visited a small town in Oita Prefecture (大分県), located in Kyushu (九州) Island, southern part of Japan.

I was waiting for a bus and according to the time schedule written at the bus station, the next bus would arrive at this odd timing of 5:23pm.

At that time, I was thinking the next bus would never reach the bus stop at that weird timing. However, to my surprise, the bus arrived on the dot exactly at 5:23pm based on my watch. That was my first shocking experience on the punctuality of Japan transportation system.

Let's look at the list of Japanese transport...

Japanese Transport Vocabulary

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 乗り物 のりもの norimono Transport / Vehicle
2. 交通 こうつう koutsuu Transportation / Traffic
3. くるま kuruma Car / Automobile
4. 自動車 じどうしゃ jidousha Automobile
5. タクシー takushi- Taxi
6. ジープ ji-pu Jeep
7. バス basu Bus
8. ミニバス minibasu Minibus
9. トラック torakku Truck
10. バン ban Van
11. オートバイ o-tobai Motorcycle
12. バイク baiku Motorcycle / Motorbike
13. スクーター suku-ta- Scooter
14. 自転車 じてんしゃ jitensha Bicycle
15. 三輪車 さんりんしゃ sanrinsha Tricycle / Three Wheeled Vehicle
16. 人力車 じんりきしゃ jinrikisha Rickshaw
17. 馬車 ばしゃ basha Carriage / Horse-drawn Coach
18. ベビーカー bebi-ka- Stroller / Pram
19. スポーツカー supo-tsuka- Sports Car
20. オープンカー o-punka- Open-top Car / Convertible
21. キャンピングカー kyanpinguka- Campervan / RV
22. キャンピングトレーラー kyanpingutore-ra- Camping Trailer / Caravan
23. キャラバン kyaraban Caravan
24. カート ka-to Cart
25. スケートボード suke-tobo-do Skateboard
26. インラインスケート inrain suke-to Inline Skates
27. ウォーキング who-kingu Walking
28. 救急車 きゅうきゅうしゃ kyuukyuusha Ambulance
29. 消防車 しょうぼうしゃ shoubousha Fire Engine / Fire Truck
30. 車椅子 くるまいす kurumaisu Wheelchair
31. パトカー patoka- Patrol Car / Police Car
32. パトロールカー patoro-ruka- Patrol Car / Police Car
33. トラクター torakuta- Tractor
34. 電車 でんしゃ densha Train
35. 地下鉄 ちかてつ chikatetsu Subway / Metro / Underground Train
36. メトロ metoro Metro / Subway
37. 新幹線 しんかんせん shinkansen Shikansen / Bullet Train
38. 路面電車 ろめんでんしゃ romendensha Tram / Streetcar / Tramcar
39. 市電 しでん shiden Tram / City Streetcar / Municipal Railway
40. トロリーバス torori-basu Trolleybus
41. モノレール monore-ru Monorail
42. ロープウェイ ro-puwei Ropeway / Cable Car
43. ケーブルカー ke-buruka- Cable Car
44. ふね fune Ship / Boat
45. ボート bo-to Boat
46. フェリー feri- Ferry
47. クルーズ kuru-zu Cruise
48. 貨物船 かもつせん kamotsusen Freighter / Cargo Ship
49. ヨット yotto Yacht
50. カヌー kanu- Canoe
51. カタマラン katamaran Catamaran
52. ホバークラフト hoba-kurafuto Hovercraft / Air-cushion Vehicle
53. ジェットスキー jettosuki- Jet Ski
54. 潜水艦 せんすいかん sensuikan Submarine
55. 飛行機 ひこうき hikouki Aeroplane / Airplane
56. ヘリコプター herikoputa- Helicopter
57. 飛行船 ひこうせん hikousen Airship / Blimp
58. スペースシャトル supe-su shatoru Space Shuttle
59. ロケット roketto Rocket

The above is a list of Japanese transport. If you think there are some modes of transportation that are missed out, please let me know through the comment box below.

And if you want to know more vocabulary related to transportation, make sure you check out this page on different forms of transportation.

By the way, this link above is an affiliate link, which means that I would earn a commission if you do end up purchasing the related learning course. It's at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to this learning course, please let me know and I would be happy to answer them for you.



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