Japanese Trains & Stations
Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary used to describe Japanese trains and stations.

Japanese Trains Vocabulary

Japan has her own train system which is quite different from the systems in other countries.

If you are first time traveling to Japan, you'll probably feel lost in the complicated train network.

Don't worry. If you stay there for a while, take some time to study the system and I am sure you will get used to it.

Besides, people there are generally quite helpful. But you need to speak some basic Japanese in order to communicate with them.

The following vocabulary list on Japanese trains and stations may give you some clues on the terms used. Take some time to absorb them. Come back here again to refresh your memory whenever you need to do so.

Let's see what we have in the Japanese trains word list.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 電車 でんしゃ densha Train / Electric Train
2. 地下鉄 ちかてつ chikatetsu Underground Train / Subway
3. 鉄道 てつどう tetsudou Railroad / Railway
4. えき eki Station
5. 駅長 えきちょう ekichou Station Master / Station Manager
6. 駅員 えきいん ekiin Station Attendant / Station Employee
7. 窓口 まどぐち mado guchi Ticket Window
8. 改札口 かいさつぐち kaisatsu guchi Ticket Gate / Ticket Barrier / Wicket
9. 入口 いりぐち iriguchi Entrance
10. 出口 でぐち deguchi Exit
11. ホーム ho-mu Platform
12. 乗り場 のりば noriba Place for boarding (railway platform)
13. 時刻表 じこくひょう jikoku hyou Train Schedule / Timetable
14. 路線図 ろせんず rosenzu Route Map
15. 切符 きっぷ kippu Ticket
16. 切符売り場 きっぷうりば kippu uriba Ticket Window
17. 切符販売機 きっぷはんばいき kippu hanbaiki Ticket Vending Machine
18. 自動券売機 じどうけんばいき jidou kenbai ki Automatic Ticket Machine
19. お釣り おつり otsuri Change (Money) / Balance
20. 取り消し とりけし torikeshi Cancel
21. 運賃 うんちん unchin Passenger Fare / Transport Cost
22. 料金 りょうきん ryoukin Fare / Fee / Charge
23. 往復料金 おうふくりょうきん oufuku ryoukin Fare for Round Trip
24. 子供料金 こどもりょうきん kodomo ryoukin Fare for Children
25. 割引料金 わりびきりょうきん waribiki ryoukin Discount Fare
26. 1ヶ月有効 いっかげつゆうこう ikkagetsu yuukou (Ticket) Valid for one month
27. 乗車券 じょうしゃけん jousha ken Passenger Ticket
28. 定期券 ていきけん teiki ken Season Ticket / Commuter Pass
29. 回数券 かいすうけん kaisuu ken Coupon Ticket
30. 指定券 していけん shitei ken Reserved Seat Ticket
31. 特急券 とっきゅうけん tokkyuu ken Limited Express Ticket
32. 片道乗車券 かたみちじょうしゃけん katamichi jousha ken One Way Ticket
33. 往復乗車券 おうふくじょうしゃけん oufuku jousha ken Round Trip Ticket
34. 一日乗車券 いちにちじょうしゃけん ichinichi jousha ken One Day Travel Pass
35. 座席 ざせき zaseki Seat
36. 座席番号 ざせきばんごう zaseki bangou Seat Number
37. 普通座席 ふつうざせき futsuu zaseki Standard Seat
38. 指定席 していせき shitei seki Reserved Seat
39. 自由席 じゆうせき jiyuu seki Unreserved Seat
40. 優先席 ゆうせんせき yuusen seki Priority Seat
41. 窓側の席 まどがわのせき mado gawa no seki Window Seat
42. 通路側の席 つうろがわのせき tsuro gawa no seki Aisle Seat
43. グリーン車 グリーンしゃ guri-n sha Green Car / 1st Class Car
44. 二等車 にとうしゃ nitou sha 2nd Class Car
45. 禁煙車 きんえんしゃ kinen sha No-smoking Car
46. 喫煙車 きつえんしゃ kitsuen sha Smoking Car
47. 方面 ほうめん houmen Direction
48. 片道 かたみち katamichi One way (trip)
49. 往復 おうふく oufuku Round Trip
50. 3 番線 さんばんせん san ban sen Track Number 3
51. 線路 せんろ senro Railway Track
52. 本線 ほんせん honsen Main Line
53. 車両 しゃりょう sharyou Numbers of Railway Cars
54. 女性専用車両 じょせいせんようしゃりょう josei senyou sharyou Women-only Carriage on a train
55. 列車 れっしゃ ressha Train (with 2 and above Railway Cars)
56. 4 号車 よんごうしゃ yon gou sha Number 4 Train Car
57. 車掌 しゃしょう shashou Train Conductor
58. 途中下車 とちゅうげしゃ tochuugesha Stopover
59. 各駅停車 かくえきていしゃ kakueki teisha Train that stops at every station
60. 普通 ふつう futsuu Ordinary / Train that stops at every station
61. 準急 じゅんきゅう junkyuu Local Express
62. 急行 きゅうこう kyuukou Express / Train that stops at major stations
63. 特急 とっきゅう tokkyuu Limited Express (Faster than Express)
64. 快速 かいそく kaisoku Rapid-Service Train (Not as fast as Express)
65. 私鉄 してつ shitetsu Private Railway
66. 新幹線 しんかんせん shin kan sen Bullet Train / Shinkansen
67. 上り列車 のぼりれっしゃ nobori ressha Up-train (going towards Tokyo)
68. 下り列車 くだりれっしゃ kudari ressha Down-train (going away from Tokyo)
69. 夜行列車 やこうれっしゃ yakou ressha Night Train
70. 行き先 いきさき ikisaki Destination
71. ~行き ~いき ~ iki Bound for ~ (place)
72. ~方面 ~ほうめん ~ houmen For ~ (direction)
73. ~線 ~せん ~ sen ~ Line
74. 経由 けいゆ keiyu Going via / Going by way of
75. 終点 しゅうてん shuuten Last Stop / Terminal
76. 最終電車 さいしゅうでんしゃ saishuu densha Last Train
77. 終電 しゅうでん shuuden Last Train
78. 終発 しゅうはつ shuuhatsu Last Train / Last Departure
79. 始発 しはつ shihatsu First Train / First Departure
80. 初発 しょはつ shohatsu First Train / First Departure
81. 始電 しでん shiden First Train
82. 一番列車 いちばんれっしゃ ichiban ressha First Train
83. 発車 はっしゃ hassha Departure of a train
84. 出発 しゅっぱつ shuppatsu Departure
85. 到着 とうちゃく touchaku Arrival
86. 出発時間 しゅっぱつじかん shuppatsu jikan Departure Time
87. 発車時刻 はっしゃじこく hassha jikoku Departure Time
88. 到着時間 とうちゃくじかん touchaku jikan Arrival Time
89. 所要時間 しょようじかん shoyou jikan Time Required
90. 回送 かいそう kaisou Deadheading (train)
91. 乗り越し のりこし norikoshi Riding Past (one's station)
92. 乗り越し料金 のりこしりょうきん norikoshi ryoukin Excess Fare (for riding extra stops)
93. 乗り換え のりかえ norikae Transfer / Change (Train)
94. 人身事故 じんしんじこ jinshin jiko Accident resulting in personal injury or death
95. 停車 ていしゃ teisha Stopping (of a train)
96. 運転見合わせ うんてんみあわせ unten miawase Temporary suspension public transport service
97. 運休 うんきゅう unkyuu (Train) service suspended
98. ラッシュアワー rasshuawa- Rush Hour
99. 駅弁 えきべん ekiben Boxed Lunch bought at a station

The above is the vocabulary list on Japanese trains and stations which I hope can help you familiarize with the terms used there.

I will continue to look out for additional words related to Japanese trains and stations and add them to the list.

And if you still want some more vocabulary related to trains and stations in Japanese and wonder what are the correct pronunciations for each of them, make sure you check out this page for more words on trains.

By the way, this link above is an affiliate link, which means that I would earn a commission if you do end up purchasing the related learning course. It's at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to this learning course, please let me know and I would be happy to answer them for you.



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