Japanese Stationery
Words and Vocabulary

In this section we will touch on Japanese stationery, its related words and vocabulary. We will also mention about how popular it is around the world.

Japanese Stationery Vocabulary

Thanks to the high quality and variety of designs, Japanese stationery is growing more popular in the world nowadays. The creative design that comes along with the practical usage is also one of the many reasons for its popularity.

Many tourists visiting Japan brought home lots of Japan-made stationeries as souvenirs for their family members and friends. Besides, many foreigners are buying them online for their own usage as well.

All the above factors lead to the booming of the Japanese stationery market.

In Japan, there are more than 300 stationery manufacturers and almost all of them manage to launch multiple new products every year.

Many of the manufacturers have already sold millions, or even billions of their products globally.

Some examples of the well-known brands are Pilot, Zebra, Pentel, Uni-ball, Mitsubishi, Muji, etc. I am sure you are quite familiar with the pens of the above brands.

Let's look at the list of Japanese stationery...

Japanese Stationery Vocabulary

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 文房具 ぶんぼうぐ bunbougu Stationery
2. 文具 ぶんぐ bungu Stationery
3. ステーショナリー sute-shonari- Stationery
4. 文房具屋 ぶんぼうぐや bunbouguya Stationery Shop / Stationery Store
5. 文具店 ぶんぐてん bunguten Stationery Shop / Stationery Store
6. 事務用品 じむようひん jimuyouhin Office Supplies / Stationery
7. 筆記用具 ひっきようぐ hikkiyougu Writing Implement / Writing Tool
8. 筆記具 ひっきぐ hikkigu Writing Material
9. 便箋 びんせん binsen Writing Paper
10. 用箋 ようせん yousen Writing Pad
11. 付箋 ふせん fusen Tag / Slip / Label
12. 筆墨 ひつぼく hitsuboku Pen and Ink / Writing Materials
13. 手文庫 てぶんこ tebunko Box for Holding Papers or Stationery
14. ペン pen Pen
15. 鉛筆 えんぴつ enpitsu Pencil
16. 色鉛筆 いろえんぴつ iroenpitsu Color Pencil
17. 鉛筆削り えんぴつけずり enpitsukezuri Pencil Sharper
18. ボールペン bo-rupen Ball-Point Pen
19. シャープペンシル sha-pupenshiru Mechanical Pencil
20. 替え芯 かえしん kaeshin Spare Lead / Lead Refill
21. 万年筆 まんねんひつ mannenhitsu Fountain Pen
22. 油性ペン ゆせいペン yuseipen Permanent Marker
23. 油性マーカー ゆせいマーカー yuseima-ka- Permanent Marker
24. 筆箱 ふでばこ fudebako Pencil Case / Pencil Box
25. ペンケース penke-su Pen Case
26. 消しゴム けしゴム keshigomu Eraser
27. 修正液 しゅうせいえき shuuseieki Correction Fluid / Liquid Paper
28. ノート no-to Notebook
29. かみ kami Paper
30. 色紙 いろがみ irogami Colored Paper
31. コピー用紙 コピーようし kopi-youshi Copier Paper / Photocopying Paper
32. 手帳 てちょう techou Notebook / Memo Pad
33. メモ帳 めもちょう memochou Memo Book / Memo Pad
34. 日記 にっき nikki Diary / Journal
35. ほん hon Book
36. 定規 じょうぎ jougi Ruler
37. 分度器 ぶんどき bundoki protractor
38. コンパス konpasu Compass
39. カッターナイフ katta-naifu Box Cutter
40. ペンナイフ pennaifu Penknife
41. はさみ hasami Scissors
42. ホッチキス hocchikisu Stapler
43. ホッチキスの針 hocchikisu no hari Staple
44. ステープル sute-puru Staple
45. 穴あけ器 あなあけき anaakeki Hole Puncher
46. クリップ kurippu Paper Clip
47. ファイル fairu File
48. フォルダー foruda- Folder
49. バインダー bainda- Binder
50. 段ボール ダンボール danbo-ru Cardboard
51. セロテープ serote-pu Scotch Tape / Adhesive Tape
52. ガムテープ gamute-pu Packing Tape
53. マスキングテープ masukingute-pu Masking Tape
54. 布テープ ぬのテープ nunote-pu Fabric Tape
55. 画鋲 がびょう gabyou Drawing Pin / Thumb Tack
56. ふで fude Writing Brush
57. 絵筆 えふで efude Paintbrush
58. 絵の具 えのぐ enogu Paint / Coloring Materials
59. パレット paretto Palette
60. e Picture / Drawing / Painting
61. 画用紙 がようし gayoushi Drawing Paper
62. 画架 がか gaka Easel
63. クレヨン kureyon Crayon
64. マーカー ma-ka- Marker
65. 電卓 でんたく dentaku Electronic Calculator
66. のり nori Paste / Glue
67. 接着剤 せっちゃくざい secchakuzai Adhesive / Glue
68. 輪ゴム わゴム wagomu Rubber Band
69. 地球儀 ちきゅうぎ chikyuugi Globe
70. つくえ tsukue Desk
71. 黒板 こくばん kokuban Blackboard
72. ホワイトボード howaitobo-do Whiteboard
73. チョーク cho-ku Chalk
74. 封筒 ふうとう fuutou Envelope
75. 切手 きって kitte Postage Stamp
76. 印鑑 いんかん inkan Stamp / Seal
77. 朱肉 しゅにく shuniku Vermillion Inkpad used for Signature Seals
78. カレンダー karenda- Calendar

The above is a list of Japanese stationery I have gathered so far. Please let me know through the comment box below if you think there are some stationeries being missed out.

And if you are interested to find out more vocabulary related to Japanese stationery, make sure you check out this page on classroom which includes some extra words on stationery.

By the way, this link above is an affiliate link, which means that I would earn a commission if you do end up purchasing the related learning course. It's at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to this learning course, please let me know and I would be happy to answer them for you.



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