Japanese Signs Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary used to describe Japanese signs and signboards.

Japanese Signs Vocabulary
Japanese Signs Vocabulary

Do you notice that there are plenty of signs and signboards used in Japan? Japan is really a "signboard kingdom". You see signboards everywhere in the streets.

They are used to indicate directions, give explanations, convey information, and etc.

Sometimes they do have signboards with explanation using pictures. However it's still good to add some vocabulary in your "pocket".

Were you confused by the various Japanese signs and signboards that you saw? Do you know what they actually mean?

Study the following words that usually appear on the Japanese signs and see if you can recognize them when you visit Japan next time.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. サイン sain Sign
2. 看板 かんばん kanban Signboard
3. 注意 ちゅうい chuui Caution
4. 危険 きけん kiken Danger
5. 立入禁止 たちいりきんし tachiiri kinshi No Entry / No Trepassing / Keep Out
6. 駐車場 ちゅうしゃじょう chuusha jou Car Park
7. 駐車禁止 ちゅうしゃきんし chuusha kinshi No Parking
8. 有料駐車場 ゆうりょうちゅうしゃじょう yuuryou chuusha jou Toll Car Park
9. 無料駐車場 むりょうちゅうしゃじょう muryou chuusha jou Free Parking
10. 月極駐車場 つきぎめちゅうしゃじょう tsuki gime chuusha jou Monthly-paid Car Park
11. 専用駐車場 せんようちゅうしゃじょう senyou chuusha jou Reserved Car Park
12. 入口 いりぐち iriguchi Entrance
13. 出口 でぐち deguchi Exit
14. 出入口 でいりぐち deiri guchi Exit and Entrance
15. 非常口 ひじょうぐち hijou guchi Emergency Exit
16. 無料配達 むりょうはいたつ muryou haitatsu Free Delivery
17. 郵便配達 ゆうびんはいたつ yuubin haitatsu Mail Delivery / Postal Delivery
18. 宅配便 たくはいびん taku haibin Home Delivery Service
19. 郵便箱 ゆうびんばこ yuubin bako Mailbox
20. 故障中 こしょうちゅう koshou chuu (Machine) Out Of Order
21. 準備中 じゅんびちゅう junbi chuu (Shop) Not Yet Open / In Preparation
22. 営業中 えいぎょうちゅう eigyou chuu (Shop) Open / In Business
23. 営業時間 えいぎょうじかん eigyou jikan Business Hours
24. お手洗い おてあらい otearai Toilet / Restroom
25. 使用中 しようちゅう shiyou chuu (Toilet) Occupied / In Use
26. 案内所 あんないじょ annai jo Information Desk
27. 優先席 ゆうせんせき yuusen seki (Train) Priority Seat
28. 禁煙 きんえん kinen No Smoking
29. 禁煙席 きんえんせき kinen seki No Smoking Seat
30. 喫煙 きつえん kitsuen Smoking
31. 喫煙席 きつえんせき kitsuen seki Smoking Seat
32. 喫煙所 きつえんじょ kitsuen jo Smoking Area
33. コインロッカー koin rokka- Coin Locker
34. 募集 ぼしゅう boshuu Recruitment
35. 防火扉 ぼうかとびら bouka tobira Fireproof Door
36. 消火栓 しょうかせん shou ka sen Fire Hydrant
37. 火気厳禁 かきげんきん kaki genkin No Flammable
38. 不動産 ふどうさん fudou san Real Estate
39. 空室有り くうしつあり kuu shitsu ari Room Available
40. 更衣室 こういしつ koui shitsu Changing Room
41. 化粧室 けしょうしつ keshou shitsu (Lady) Powder Room / Lavatory
42. 会議室 かいぎしつ kaigi shitsu Conference Room / Meeting Room
43. 講義室 こうぎしつ kougi shitsu Lecture Room
44. 保健室 ほけんしつ hoken shitsu Healthcare Room / School Infirmary
45. 公衆トイレ こうしゅうトイレ koushuu toire Public Toilet
46. 公衆便所 こうしゅうべんじょ koushuu benjo Public Toilet / Public Restroom
47. 公衆電話 こうしゅうでんわ koushuu denwa Public Telephone
48. 公衆浴場 こうしゅうよくじょう koushuu yokujou Public Bathhouse

These are words commonly appear on the Japanese signs in Japan. I will add in more words and vocabulary related to Japanese signs in future.

As many of the signboards are used to indicate the positions or directions in Japan, you might be interested to know what are these position and direction words. If that's so, make sure you check out this vocabulary list that shows the different positions and directions.

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