Japanese Shop and Store
Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary of Japanese shop and store.

Japanese Shop and Store Vocabulary

Do you have this experience? When you enter a Japanese store, you are often welcome by the shop assistants with these words: いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase).

Have you wondered the meaning of these words?

These are welcome greeting words normally used by Japanese shop assistants which mean "Hello (Welcome), may I help you?"

When you have ordered something in a restaurant, you will probably hear the waiter or waitress says: おまたせしました (omatase shimashita) or おまちどおさまでした (omachidoo samadeshita) when he or she served your order.

Both of the phrases mean: "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting" or "Thank you for waiting".

All these greeting words used by the Japanese shop assistants are 敬語 or けいご (keigo) which are honorific words used when talking to customers, people superior than you (like your boss), and the elderly people, etc in order to show their respect.

I will go through keigo in future which is another topic. Right now let's explore the word list of different Japanese shops and stores.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. みせ mise Shop / Store
2. 商店 しょうてん shou ten Shop / Store
3. 老舗 しにせ shinise Long-established Shop
4. 美容院 びよういん biyou in Beauty Salon / Hairdresser's Salon
5. 理容室 りようしつ riyou shitsu Hair Salon
6. 床屋 とこや tokoya Barbershop / Barber
7. 理髪店 りはつてん rihatsu ten Barbershop
8. 文房具店 ぶんぼうぐてん bunbou gu ten Stationery Shop / Stationer
9. 百貨店 ひゃっかてん hyakka ten Department Store
10. デパート depa-to Department Store
11. スーパー su-pa- Supermarket
12. 八百屋 やおや yao ya Greengrocer / Vegetable Shop
13. 乾物屋 かんぶつや kanbutsu ya Grocery Store
14. 肉屋 にくや niku ya Butcher / Meat Shop
15. 魚屋 さかなや sakana ya Fish Dealer / Fishmonger
16. 酒屋 さかや saka ya Liquor Store
17. 居酒屋 いざかや izaka ya Japanese-style Bar
18. バー ba- Bar
19. 花屋 はなや hana ya Florist
20. 本屋 ほんや hon ya Bookstore / Bookshop
21. 書店 しょてん sho ten Bookstore / Bookshop
22. 薬屋 くすりや kusuri ya Pharmacy
23. 薬局 やっきょく yakkyoku Pharmacy / Drugstore
24. ドラッグストア doraggu sutoa Drugstore / Pharmacy
25. パン屋 パンや pan ya Bakery
26. 果物屋 くだものや kuda mono ya Fruit Store
27. 寿司屋 すしや sushi ya Sushi Restaurant
28. 洋服屋 ようふくや youfuku ya Tailor's Shop
29. 質屋 しちや shichi ya Pawnshop
30. 問屋 とんや ton ya Wholesale Store
31. 靴屋 くつや kutsu ya Shoe Store / Shoemaker
32. 自転車屋 じてんしゃや jitensha ya Bicycle Shop
33. 玩具屋 おもちゃや omocha ya Toy Shop
34. 家具屋 かぐや kagu ya Furniture Store
35. 電気屋 でんきや denki ya Electric Appliance Store
36. クリーニング屋 クリーニングや kuri-ningu ya Cleaning Store / Dry Cleaning Shop
37. 錠前屋 じょうまえや joumae ya Locksmith
38. 洋品店 ようひんてん youhin ten Clothes Store
39. 喫茶店 きっさてん kissa ten Coffee Shop / Coffee Lounge / Cafe
40. 中華料理店 ちゅうかりょうりてん chuuka ryouri ten Chinese Restaurant
41. 食堂 しょくどう shoku dou Cafeteria / Dining Hall
42. レストラン resutoran Restaurant
43. コンビニ konbini Convenience Store
44. ペットショップ petto shoppu Pet Shop
45. 映画館 えいがかん eiga kan Movie Theater / Cinema
46. 写真館 しゃしんかん shashin kan Photo Studio

The above are some of the common names of Japanese shop and store. I will continue to add to the list when I have collected more words related to Japanese shop and store.

Meanwhile if you are looking for some common phrases to use like for example saying exchanges, refunds and complaints in Japanese during shopping, make sure you check out this page with 15 common phrases used during shopping.

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