Japanese Office Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary related to Japanese office.

Japanese Office Vocabulary
Japanese Office Vocabulary: inkan/hanko

Do you know what are the different positions in a Japanese company? Japan is a country where people are very particular about status in the company.

Whenever I watch a Japanese drama, I always like to see how each person is being addressed and what role he/she is playing in a typical Japanese company.

Unless the person holds a high post and has one's own room, the normal setup of an Japanese office is usually an open concept with no partitions, regardless of the positions.

There is not much privacy as seen in other countries where personal cubicle is a norm.

Well, besides various positions, the specific terms used in an Japanese office are interesting too.

Let's begin the word list in the following.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 会社 かいしゃ kaisha Office / Company / Corporation / Firm
2. 会社員 かいしゃいん kaisha in Office Worker
3. 株式会社 かぶしきがいしゃ kabu shiki gaisha Public Company / Joint-stock Corporation
4. 有限会社 ゆうげんがいしゃ yuugen gaisha Limited Company
5. 企業 きぎょう kigyou Enterprise / Company
6. 大手企業 おおてきぎょう oote kigyou Big Enterprise / Well-established Company
7. 中小企業 ちゅうしょうきぎょう chuushou kigyou Small to Medium Enterprise
8. 営業部 えいぎょうぶ eigyou bu Sales Department
9. 開発部 かいはつぶ kaihatsu bu Development Department
10. 人事部 じんじぶ jinji bu Human Resources Department
11. 総務部 そうむぶ soumu bu General Affairs Department
12. 事務所 じむしょ jimu sho Office
13. 事務員 じむいん jimu in Office Clerk
14. 従業員 じゅうぎょういん juugyou in Employee / Worker
15. 社長 しゃちょう sha chou Company President
16. 副社長 ふくしゃちょう fuku sha shou Vice President
17. 部長 ぶちょう bu chou Department Manager
18. 課長 かちょう ka chou Section Manager
19. 係長 かかりちょう kakari chou Group Leader / Unit Head
20. 専務 せんむ senmu Executive Director
21. 総支配人 そうしはいにん Sou shihai nin General Manager
22. 取締役 とりしまりやく tori shimari yaku Company Director / Board Member
23. 上司 じょうし joushi Superior / Boss
24. 部下 ぶか buka Subordinate
25. 派遣会社 はけんがいしゃ haken gaisha Temporary Worker Agency
26. 派遣社員 はけんしゃいん haken shain Temporary Worker
27. 同僚 どうりょう dou ryou Colleague / Coworker
28. 判子 はんこ hanko Personal Seal
29. 印鑑 いんかん inkan Personal Seal
30. 企画書 きかくしょ kikaku sho Project Proposal
31. 新製品 しんせいひん shin seihin New Product
32. 書類 しょるい shorui Document
33. 受付 うけつけ uke tsuke Reception Area / Information Area
34. 面接 めんせつ mensetsu Interview
35. 通勤ラッシュ つうきんラッシュ tsukin rasshu Commuter Rush
36. 残業 ざんぎょう zan gyou Overtime Work
37. 出張 しゅっちょう shucchou Business Trip
38. 有給休暇 ゆうきゅうきゅうか yuukyuu kyuuka Paid Leave
39. 給料 きゅうりょう kyuuryou Salary / Wage / Pay
40. ボーナス bo-nasu Bonus
41. 年金 ねんきん nenkin Annuity / Pension
42. 保険 ほけん hoken Insurance
43. 名刺 めいし meishi Business Card / Name Card
44. 欠勤 けっきん kekkin Absence from Work
45. 欠勤届 けっきんとどけ kekkin todoke Report of Absence / Notice of Absence
46. 辞表 じひょう jihyou Letter of Resignation
47. お客さん おきゃくさん okyaku san Guest / Customer / Visitor
48. 御中 おんちゅう onchuu Messrs (Addressing the other company at the beginning of letter)
49. 敬具 けいぐ keigu Sincerely Yours (Used at the end of letter)
50. 会議 かいぎ kaigi Meeting
51. 会議室 かいぎしつ kaigi shitsu Meeting Room
52. コンピューター konpyu-ta- Computer
53. パソコン pasokon Personal Computer
54. プリンター purinta- Printer
55. コピー機 コピーき kopi-ki Photocopier
56. ファクス fakusu Fax Machine / Facsimile
57. 電話 でんわ denwa Telephone

The above is the word list related to Japanese office. I hope that you find them useful. I will add to the list after I have collected more words related to Japanese office.

Meanwhile if you are looking for additional vocabulary related to office and also some example sentences on how those office words are used, make sure you check out this page with words used at the office.

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