Japanese Nature Words and Vocabulary

This section covers Japanese nature words and vocabulary.

Japanese Nature Words

One of the reasons why so many people like to travel to Japan is that they are attracted by its beautiful scenery and nature.

Most of the areas in Japan are covered by mountains and forests, leaving only small areas that are suitable for residential buildings.

As a result the population in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya keep growing while the rural areas become less populated.

Due to the fact that there are many volcanoes around, Japan has plenty of hot springs 温泉 (おんせん - onsen) located throughout the country. This is also one of the main attractions for tourists.

Let's find out more on the common Japanese nature words and vocabulary.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 自然 しぜん shizen Nature
2. 宇宙 うちゅう uchuu Space / Universe / Cosmos
3. そら sora Sky / Heaven
4. 空気 くうき kuuki Air
5. お日様 おひさま ohisama Sun
6. 太陽 たいよう taiyou Sun
7. つき tsuki Moon
8. ほし hoshi Star
9. くも kumo Cloud
10. かぜ kaze Wind
11. あめ ame Rain
12. かみなり kaminari Thunder
13. ゆき yuki Snow
14. いし ishi Stone
15. いわ iwa Rock / Crag
16. すな suna Sand
17. つち tsuchi Earth / Soil
18. やま yama Mountain
19. 火山 かざん kazan Volcano
20. おか oka Hill / Knoll
21. たに tani Valley
22. がけ gake Cliff
23. 洞窟 どうくつ doukutsu Cave
24. しま shima Island
25. みず mizu Water
26. うみ umi Sea
27. 川/河 かわ kawa River / Stream
28. なみ nami Wave
29. みずうみ mizuumi Lake
30. いけ ike Pond
31. 井/井戸 い/いど i/ido Water Well
32. 温泉 おんせん onsen Hot Spring
33. たき taki Waterfall
34. いずみ izumi Fountain / Spring
35. 地震 じしん jishin Earthquake
36. 津波 つなみ tsunami Tsunami / Tidal Wave
37. ki Tree / Wood
38. はやし hayashi Wood / Grove
39. もり mori Forest (Bigger than hayashi)
40. えだ eda Branch / Twig / Bough
41. ha Leaf
42. はな hana Flower
43. くさ kusa Grass
44. はたけ hatake Field
45. 景色 けしき keshiki Scenery / Landscape

The above are some common Japanese nature words. More words on Japanese nature will be added in future.

And if you want more words that describe natural disasters in Japanese and also example sentences on how these words can be used, make sure you check out this page on natural disasters.

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