Japanese House Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary of things related to Japanese House.

Japanese House Vocabulary
Insides a Japanese House

Have you been invited by your Japanese friends to their houses (in Japan) before? If you have the chance to visit their house, you may find some unique things that you won't see elsewhere.

For example some Japanese houses may still have 畳 (tatami), thick Japanese straw mats that cover the floor, in some of the rooms.

In fact, the way how the Japanese measure the size of their rooms is by using counter of tatami mats, or 畳 (jou). (Note: same kanji but different pronunciation).

Rooms that were completely laid with tatami are known as 座敷 (zashiki).

Another thing you may find in a Japanese house will be the use of 布団 (futon), a traditional Japanese-style bedding, for sleeping. This padded mattress can be folded and stored in the 押入れ (oshiire) which is a closet, so that the room can be used for other purposes during the day.

What other special things have you seen in a typical Japanese house? Let's explore on the word list.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. いえ ie House
2. 部屋 へや heya Room
3. 寝室 しんしつ shin shitsu Bedroom
4. ベッドルーム beddo ru-mu Bedroom
5. ダイニングルーム dainingu ru-mu Dining Room
6. 居間 いま ima Living Room (Western Style)
7. リビングルーム ribingu ru-mu Living Room
8. 台所 だいどころ dai dokoro Kitchen
9. キッチン kicchin Kitchen
10. 台所用品 だいどころようひん dai dokoro youhin Kitchen Utensil / Kitchenware
11. 車庫 しゃこ shako Garage
12. 戸棚 とだな todana Cupboard / Cabinet
13. 蛇口 じゃぐち jaguchi Faucet / Tap
14. 流し ながし nagashi Kitchen Sink
15. 洗面台 せんめんだい senmen dai Washbasin / Washstand
16. 風呂場 ふろば furoba Bathroom
17. バスルーム basu ru-mu Bathroom
18. お手洗い おてあらい otearai Toilet / Restroom / Lavatory
19. トイレ toire Toilet / Restroom / Lavatory
20. 玄関 げんかん genkan Entrance / Hallway / Front Door
21. にわ niwa Garden / Yard
22. ベランダ beranda Balcony
23. 廊下 ろうか rouka Corridor
24. 階段 かいだん kaidan Stairs / Staircase
25. ゆか yuka Floor
26. たたみ tatami Mat / Japanese Straw Floor Coverings
27. かべ kabe Wall
28. カレンダー karenda- Calendar
29. ドア doa Door
30. かぎ kagi Key
31. まど mado Window
32. カーテン ka-ten Curtain
33. 天井 てんじょう tenjou Ceiling
34. 家具 かぐ kagu Furniture
35. 押入れ おしいれ oshiire Closet
36. 箪笥 たんす tansu Wardrobe / Chest of Drawers
37. かがみ kagami Mirror
38. テーブル te-buru Table
39. 椅子 いす isu Chair
40. ソファー sofa- Sofa / Couch
41. つくえ tsukue Desk
42. 絨毯 / 絨緞 じゅうたん jyuutan Carpet
43. 本棚 ほんだな hondana Bookshelf
44. スタンド sutando Table Lamp
45. ベッド beddo Bed
46. 布団 ふとん futon Japanese-style Bedding
47. シーツ shi-tsu Sheet / Bedsheet
48. 毛布 もうふ moufu Blanket
49. まくら makura Pillow
50. 傘立て かさたて kasatate Umbrella Stand
51. 冷蔵庫 れいぞうこ reizouko Refrigerator
52. 冷凍庫 れいとうこ reitouko Freezer
53. 洗濯機 せんたくき sentaku ki Washing Machine
54. 乾燥機 かんそうき kansou ki Drying Machine
55. 洗濯挟み せんたくばさみ sentaku basami Clothes-pin / Peg
56. ハンガー hanga- Clothes Hanger
57. 物干し竿 ものほしざお mono hoshi zao Laundry Pole (for drying)
58. 電気掃除機 でんきそうじき denki souji ki Electric Vacuum Cleaner
59. 皿洗い機 さらあらいき sara arai ki Dishwasher
60. テレビ terebi Television
61. ラジオ rajio Radio
62. ステレオ sutereo Stereo
63. ビデオ bideo Video
64. アイロン airon (Electric) Iron
65. アイロン台 アイロンだい airon dai Ironing Board
66. エアコン eakon Air-conditioner
67. 扇風機 せんぷうき senpuu ki Electric Fan
68. 電気 でんき denki Electricity / (Electric) Light
69. 電灯 でんとう dentou Electric Light
70. 電子レンジ でんしレンジ denshi renji Microwave Oven
71. オーブン o-bun Oven
72. ストーブ suto-bu Stove / Heater
73. お皿 おさら osara Plate
74. はし hashi Chopsticks
75. コップ koppu Glass
76. カップ kappu Cup
77. スプーン supu-n Spoon
78. フォーク fo-ku Fork
79. ナイフ naifu Knife
80. コンピューター konpyu-ta- Computer
81. パソコン pasokon Personal Computer
82. ほうき houki Broom
83. 塵取り ちりとり chiri tori Dustpan
84. ごみ箱 ごみばこ gomi bako Rubbish Bin / Gabbage Box
85. アパート apa-to Apartment
86. 和室 わしつ washitsu Japanese-style room
87. 障子 しょうじ shouji Shoji (Paper sliding door)
88. 縁側 えんがわ engawa Veranda / Porch / Balcony
89. 土間 どま doma Dirt floor / Room with dirt floor
90. 蔵 / 倉 / 庫 くら kura warehouse / storehouse

The above is the common word list of things you can find in a typical Japanese house. I may have left out some words but I will continue to add to the list when I have collected more words on things related to Japanese house.

And if you are searching for more items you can find in a typical Japanese house and what are their correct pronunciations in Japanese, make sure you check out this page on more vocabulary about home interior.

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