Japanese Food Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary used to describe Japanese food.

Japanese Food Vocabulary: ekiben
Japanese Food Vocabulary: ramen
Japanese Food Vocabulary: sushi
Japanese Food Vocabulary: udon

The numbers of Japanese restaurants have been growing rapidly around the world over the years.

That's no wonder Japanese food has becoming more popular in many countries.

In the past when we talked about Japanese dish, the only one popped out was either Sushi or Tempura.

However, Japanese dish is more than Sushi or Tempura. There are many other delicious Japanese dishes that are slowly gaining popularity in the world.

Japanese food is famous for its bland flavor and this could be one of the reasons for longevity of a lot of Japanese.

Let's get started to learn some dishes of yummy Japanese food.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 食べ物 たべもの tabe mono Food
2. 日本料理 にほんりょうり nihon ryouri Japanese Cooking / Japanese Dish / Japanese Food
3. 朝食 ちょうしょく chou shoku Breakfast
4. 朝御飯 あさごはん asa gohan Breakfast
5. 昼食 ちゅうしょく chuu shoku Lunch
6. 昼御飯 ひるごはん hiru gohan Lunch
7. 夕食 ゆうしょく yuu shoku Dinner
8. 晩御飯 ばんごはん ban gohan Dinner
9. 夜食 やしょく ya shoku Supper
10. おかず okazu Side Dish
11. お八つ おやつ oyatsu Snack / Refreshment
12. 弁当 べんとう bentou Box Lunch
13. 駅弁 えきべん ekiben Train Station Box Lunch
14. 御飯 ごはん gohan Meal / Cooked Rice
15. 刺身 さしみ sashimi Sliced Raw Fish
16. 寿司 / 鮨 / 鮓 すし sushi Sushi
17. 天婦羅 てんぷら tenpura Tempura / Deep-fried Fish and Vegetables
18. 牛丼 ぎゅうどん gyuu don Rice topped with Beef and Vegetables
19. 親子丼 おやこどん oyako don Rice topped with Boiled Chicken and Eggs
20. 天丼 てんどん ten don Rice topped with Deep-fried Prawns & Fishes
21. 鰻丼 うなぎどん unagi don Rice topped with Glaze-grilled Eel
22. うなぎ unagi Eel
23. 豚カツ とんカツ tonkatsu Pork Cutlet
24. カレーライス kare- raisu Curry and Rice
25. 鋤焼き すきやき suki yaki Thin Slices of Beef cooked with various Vegetables in a Heavy Iron Pan
26. お好み焼き おこのみやき okonomi yaki Thin and Flat Pancake cooked on a Hot Plate with bits of Meat, Seafood and Chopped Cabbages
27. 鉄板焼き てっぱんやき teppan yaki Grilled Meat cooked on Iron Plate
28. 焼き鳥 やきとり yaki tori Grilled Chicken / Broiled Chicken
29. 蛸焼き たこやき tako yaki Octopus Dumpling
30. 焼きそば やきそば yaki soba Pan Fried Noodle
31. 餃子 ギョウザ gyouza Dumpling stuffed with Minced Pork and Vegetables
32. 茶碗蒸し ちゃわんむし chawan mushi Steamed Egg Custard in Tea Cup
33. しゃぶしゃぶ shabu shabu Japanese Style Hotpot
34. 味噌 みそ miso Miso / Bean Paste
35. 味噌汁 みそしる miso shiru Miso Soup
36. ラーメン ra-men Ramen
37. うどん udon Noodle made of Wheat Flour
38. 蕎麦 そば soba Buckwheat Noodle
39. もち mochi Sticky Rice Cake
40. 餡パン あんパン anpan Japanese Bun filled with Red Bean Paste
41. 牛肉 ぎゅうにく gyuuniku Beef
42. 豚肉 ぶたにく butaniku Pork
43. 鶏肉 とりにく toriniku Chicken Meat
44. 羊肉 ようにく youniku Mutton / Lamb
45. さかな sakana Fish
46. 海老 / 蝦 えび ebi Prawn / Shrimp
47. かに kani Crab
48. 豆腐 とうふ toufu Tofu / Bean Curd
49. たまご tamago Egg
50. 食パン しょくパン shoku pan Plain Bread / White Bread
51. 玉葱 たまねぎ tamanegi Onion
52. 胡瓜 きゅうり kyuuri Cucumber
53. 醤油 しょうゆ shouyu Soy Sauce
54. su Vinegar
55. 山葵 わさび wasabi Japanese Horseradish
56. あぶら abura Oil
57. 砂糖 さとう satou Sugar
58. しお shio Salt
59. 胡椒 こしょう koshou Pepper
60. 調味料 ちょうみ
choumi ryou Seasoning / Condiment / Flavoring / Spices
Japanese Food Vocabulary: King size takoyaki
Japanese Food Vocabulary: tonkatsu

There are many more other Japanese food not listed above. I will add more related vocabulary to the list in future.

And if you want to test how many of these foods that you can recognize and call out their Japanese names correctly, make sure you check out this page and let me know the numbers of Japanese foods you can identify.

By the way, this link above is an affiliate link, which means that I would earn a commission if you do end up purchasing the related learning course. It's at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to this learning course, please let me know and I would be happy to answer them for you.



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