Japanese Festivals & Events
Words and Vocabulary

This section covers words related to some common Japanese festivals and events.

Japanese Festivals & Events: Matsuri

Besides celebrating some common events like Valentine's Day and Christmas, Japan has many unique festivals 祭り (matsuri) which are held annually throughout the country. Many of these Japanese festivals are held locally in a prefecture only.

As you know that Japan was greatly influenced by China historically. For instance, kanji was imported from China, though Japan has modified many of them and created their own kanji.

Besides, certain events like 七夕 (tanabata) and お盆 (obon) are originated from China. However, because Japan has followed the western calendar since 19th century, the dates of these events are different from Chinese lunar calendar.

Let's find out the list for the common "Japanese festivals and events" words.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 祭り まつり matsuri Festival
2. 行事 ぎょうじ gyouji Event
3. 春祭り はるまつり haru matsuri Spring Festival
4. 夏祭り なつまつり natsu matsuri Summer Festival
5. 秋祭り あきまつり aki matsuri Autumn Festival / Fall Festival
6. 雪祭り ゆきまつり yuki matsuri Snow Festival
7. 文化祭 ぶんかさい bunkasai Culture Festival / Arts Festival
8. 正月 しょうがつ shou gatsu New Year / New Year's Day
9. 花見 はなみ hanami Cherry Blossom Viewing
10. 花火 はなび hanabi Firework
11. バレンタインデー barentain de- Valentine's Day
12. 雛祭り ひなまつり hina matsuri Doll's Festival (March 3rd)
13. 花祭り はなまつり hana matsuri Buddha's birthday festival (April 8th)
14. 緑の日 みどりのひ midori no hi Greenery Day (April 29)
15. ゴールデンウイーク go-ruden ui-ku Golden Week (Early May Holiday Season in Japan)
16. 子供の日 こどものひ kodomo no hi Children's Day (May 5th)
17. 母の日 ははのひ haha no hi Mother's Day
18. 父の日 ちちのひ chichi no hi Father's Day
19. 七夕 たなばた tanabata The Star Festival (July 7th)
20. 星祭り ほしまつり hoshi matsuri The Star Festival (July 7th)
21. お盆 おぼん obon Bon Festival (mid August)
22. 灯篭流し とうろうながし tourou nagashi Ceremony in which Paper Lanterns are floated down a River (August 15/16)
23. 七五三 しちごさん shichi go san Festival for 3-year-old Boys and Girls, 5-year-old Boys and 7-year-old Girls (November 15)
24. 文化の日 ぶんかのひ bunka no hi Culture Day (November 3)
25. クリスマス kurisumasu Christmas
26. 大晦日 おおみそか oomisoka New Year's Eve (December 31st)
27. 夏休み なつやすみ natsu yasumi Summer Vacation
28. 冬休み ふゆやすみ fuyu yasumi Winter Vacation
29. 誕生日 たんじょうび tanjoubi Birthday
30. 入学式 にゅうがくしき nyuugaku shiki School Entrance Ceremony
31. 成人式 せいじんしき seijin shiki Coming-of-Age Ceremony
32. 成年式 せいねんしき seinen shiki Coming-of-Age Ceremony
33. 卒業式 そつぎょうしき sotsugyou shiki Graduation Ceremony
34. 結婚式 けっこんしき kekkon shiki Wedding Ceremony
35. 葬式 そうしき sou shiki Funeral
36. 選挙 せんきょ senkyo Election
37. ハロウィーン haroui-n Halloween

All the above are some common words and vocabulary related to Japanese festivals and events. If you think there are some important Japanese festivals or events that were missed out, please let me know through the comment box below.

And if you are looking for more words related to 雛祭り (hina matsuri) and how to pronounce the related terms, make sure you check out this vocabulary list on doll festival.

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