Japanese Clothes and Accessories
Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary used to describe Japanese clothes and accessories.

Japanese Clothes Vocabulary

As most of the words are translated from English or other languages, the Japanese clothes word list consists mainly in katakana.

Although Japan is a modern country, Japanese still keep their tradition very well.

You still see them wearing traditional clothing in the wedding ceremonies and 祭り (matsuri - festival).

If you have a chance to stay in 旅館 (ryokan - Japanese-sytle inn) in Japan, you will also get to wear the 浴衣 (yukata - Japanese Summer Kimono).

Let's see what are the Japanese clothes word list in the following.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 衣服 いふく ifuku Clothes
2. 衣料品 いりょうひん iryouhin Clothing / Garment
3. アパレル apareru Apparel (clothing)
4. 着物 きもの kimono Kimono
5. 浴衣 ゆかた yukata Japanese Summer Kimono / Japanese Bathrobe
6. コート ko-to Coat
7. オーバー o-ba- Overcoat
8. スーツ su-tsu Suit
9. 背広 せびろ sebiro Business Suit
10. レインコート reinko-to Raincoat
11. 上着 うわぎ uwagi Coat / Jacket
12. 下着 したぎ shitagi Underwear
13. パンツ pantsu Underpants / Underwear
14. ブラジャー buraja- Brassiere / Bra
15. 水着 みずぎ mizugi Swimwear / Swimsuit
16. ジャケット jaketto Jacket
17. パジャマ pajama pajamas
18. ブレザー bureza- Blazer
19. ブラウス burausu Blouse
20. ドレス doresu Dress
21. ワンピース wanpi-su One-piece Dress
22. ズボン zubon Trousers
23. 半ズボン はんズボン hanzubon Short Pants
24. ショーツ sho-tsu Shorts
25. スラックス surakkusu Slacks
26. ジーンズ ji-nzu Jean
27. スカート suka-to Skirt
28. シャツ shatsu Shirt
29. T-シャツ T-shatsu T-shirt
30. ワイシャツ waishatsu White Shirt (Business Shirt)
31. セーター se-ta- Sweater
32. カーディガン ka-digan Cardigan
33. トレーナー tore-na- Sweat Shirt (Trainer)
34. 帽子 ぼうし boushi Hat / Cap
35. イヤリング iyaringu Earring
36. ピアス piasu Pierced Earring
37. ネックレス nekkuresu Necklace
38. ネクタイ nekutai Necktie
39. スカーフ suka-fu Scarf
40. 指輪 ゆびわ yubiwa Ring
41. ベルト beruto Belt
42. くつ kutsu Shoes
43. 靴下 くつした kutsushita Socks
44. スニーカー suni-ka- Sneakers
45. スリッパ surippa Slippers
46. サンダル sandaru Sandals
47. ハイヒール haihi-ru High Heeled Shoes
48. ブーツ bu-tsu Boots

The above are the words used for Japanese clothes and accessories.

If you are interested to know more vocabulary about clothes in Japanese and also the their pronunciation, make sure you check out this page on Japanese clothes.

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