Japanese Banks Words and Vocabulary

This section covers the words and vocabulary used in Japanese banks and Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).

Japanese Banks Vocabulary

According to people who had experiences working in Japan, the banking system is quite different from those in other countries.

For foreigners, the banking terms used in Japan may seem unfamiliar and can be quite difficult to memorize.

However if you work in Japan, dealing with bank becomes unavoidable, and this Japanese banks vocabulary list will serve useful to you.

As some of the terms are quite difficult, especially the kanji, take some times to memorize them. You will find them very useful.

Let's take a look at the following word list.

Kanji Hiragana or
Romaji Meaning
1. 銀行 ぎんこう ginkou Bank
2. 銀行員 ぎんこういん ginkouin Bank Staff
3. 受付 うけつけ uketsuke Information Desk
4. 窓口 まどぐち madoguchi Teller Window
5. 番号札 ばんごうふだ bangou fuda Numbered Ticket
6. 金庫 きんこ kinko Safe
7. 貸金庫 かしきんこ kashi kinko Safe-Deposit Box
8. 判子 はんこ hanko Personal Seal
9. 印鑑 いんかん inkan Personal Seal
10. 市役所 しやくしょ shiyakusho Municipal Office / City Hall / Town Hall
11. 国民健康保険証 こくみんけんこうほけんしょう kokumin kenkou hokenshou National Health Insurance Card
12. 口座 こうざ kouza Bank Account
13. 普通口座 ふつうこうざ futsuu kouza Basic Bank Account
14. 口座番号 こうざばんごう kouza bangou Bank Account Number
15. キャッシュカード kyasshu ka-do Cash Card / ATM Card
16. IC カード IC ka-do IC Card
17. キャッシュディスペンサー kyasshu disupensa- Cash Dispenser / Automatic Teller Machine
18. エーティーエム e-ti-emu ATM
19. 暗証番号 あんしょうばんごう anshou bangou PIN / Password Number
20. 現金 げんきん genkin Cash
21. 預金 よきん yokin Deposit
22. 送金 そうきん soukin Remittance
23. 貸金 かしきん kashikin Loan
24. ローン ro-n Loan
25. 借金 しゃっきん shakkin Debt
26. 返済 へんさい hensai Repayment
27. 引き出し ひきだし hikidashi Cash Withdrawal
28. 預け入れ あずけいれ azukeire Cash Deposit
29. 振込 ふりこみ furikomi Payment made via Bank Deposit Transfer
30. 振替 ふりかえ furikae Transfer money from one account to another / Giro
31. 残高 ざんだか zandaka Balance
32. 残高照会 ざんだかしょうかい zandaka shoukai Balance Inquiry
33. 記帳 きちょう kichou Entry / Registration
34. 通帳 つうちょう tsuuchou Passbook / Bankbook
35. 通帳更新 つうちょうこうしん tsuuchou koushin Passbook Update
36. 紙幣 しへい shihei Paper Money / Bill / Note
37. 硬貨 こうか kouka Coin / Hard Money
38. 両替 りょうがえ ryougae Money Exchange
39. 外貨両替 がいかりょうがえ gaika ryougae Foreign Money Exchange
40. 手数料 てすうりょう tesuuryou Service Charge / Commission
41. 振込手数料 ふりこみてすうりょう furikomi tesuuryou Bank Transfer Fee
42. 振込用紙 ふりこみようし furikomi youshi Payment Form
43. ドル doru Dollar
44. ユーロ yu-ro Euro
45. えん en Yen

As the banking system in Japan is quite unique, the above Japanese banks word list can help you know more about the terms used.

And if are hungry for more banking words used in Japan and how to pronounce some of those banking terms, make sure to check out these additional Japanese vocabulary used at the bank.

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