Common Japanese Phrases
used in the Classroom

In this section I have gathered many common Japanese phrases that teachers used in the classroom frequently.

Common Japanese Phrases

You will notice that in the classroom teachers like to use certain specific phrases more often, like 覚えてください (oboete kudasai - Please remember), もう一度言ってください (mouichido itte kudasai - Please say it again), etc.

If you are taking some Japanese courses or if you are planning to study in Japan, you will find the following list very useful.

Take a look and see how many of the phrases do you recognize. Take some effort to remember them and I am sure you will find them useful.

You don't have to know these common Japanese phrases all at once. Just come back to this page regularly to refresh your memory.

OK, let's explore the list.

1. では 始めましょう
dewa hajimemashou
Well, let's begin (the lesson)
2. 26ページを開けてください
26 pe-ji wo akete kudasai
Please open your book at page 26
3. 一緒に言ってください
isshoni itte kudasai
Please say it together
4. 読んでください
yonde kudasai
Please read it
5. 書いてください
kaite kudasai
Please write it
6. 聞いてください
kiite kudasai
Please listen
7. よく聞いてください
yoku kiite kudasai
Please listen carefully
8. 繰り返してください
kurikaeshite kudasai
Please repeat it
9. 本を見てください
hon wo mite kudasai
Please look at your book
10. 本を見ないでください
hon wo minaide kudasai
Please don't look at your book
11. 本を閉じてください
hon wo tojite kudasai
Please close your book
12. 答えてください
kotaete kudasai
Please answer
13. もう一度言ってください
mouichido itte kudasai
Please say it again
14. 質問はありませんか
shitsumon wa arimasenka
Do you have any question?
15. 教えてください
oshiete kudasai
Please let me know
16. もっとゆっくり言ってください
motto yukkuri itte kudasai
Please say it slowly
17. もっと大きい声で言ってください
motto ookii koede itte kudasai
Please say it in a louder voice
18. 覚えてください
oboete kudasai
Please remember
19. 静かにください
shitzuka ni kudasai
Please keep quiet
20. 隣の人に話さないでください
tonari no hito ni hanasanaide kudasai
Please don't talk to the person next to you
21. 後ろに渡してください
ushiro ni watashite kudasai
Please pass this to the back
22. テストの紙を前に渡してください
tesuto no kami wo mae ni watashite
Please pass the test paper to the front
23. 急いでください
isoide kudasai
Please hurry up
24. 明日遅刻しないでください
ashita chikoku shinaide kudasai
Please don't be late tomorrow
25. 分かりましたか
Did you understand?
26. はい、分かりました
hai, wakarimashita
Yes, I understood
27. いいえ、分かりません
iie, wakarimasen
No, I don't understand
28. 知っていますか
shitte imasuka
Do you know?
29. はい、知っています
hai, shitte imasu
Yes, I know
30. いいえ、知りません
iie, shirimasen
No, I don't know
31. 明日持ってきてください
ashita motte kite kudasai
Please bring this tomorrow
32. ちょっと休みましょう
chotto yasumimashou
Let's take a short break
33. 10分休んでください
juppun yasunde kudasai
Please take a 10min break
34. 頑張ってください
ganbatte kudasai
Please do your best
35. では 終わります
dewa owarimasu
That's all for today ('s lesson)

Of course there are other common Japanese phrases used in the classroom. The above are just what I have compiled so far. I will update this list of common Japanese phrases when I find more of them.

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