Basic Japanese Phrases used
When Travel to Japan

This section gathers many basic Japanese phrases you might use if you plan to travel to Japan for vacation.

There are also some Japanese travel words which you may want to refer.

Basic Japanese Phrases used when travel to Japan - Bus Boarding Place
Basic Japanese Phrases used when travel to Japan - Train Station

You are bound to talk to some native Japanese during your trip in Japan.

For examples, you probably need to ask for directions when going to some tourist attractions, or you may want to ask for prices of souvenirs that you want to buy.

While it's ok for you to ask questions using English or some sign language and get your way through, it will be nice that you ask using some basic Japanese phrases, 'surprise' them and probably they will feel more obligated to help you.

I might be wrong as this is just my own feeling. However don't you feel more comfortable if foreigners ask you for directions using your native language in your country?

Let's see what are the basic Japanese phrases you may use in your Japan trip in the following list.

1. おもちゃ売り場はどこですか
omocha uriba wa doko desu ka
Where is the toy department?
2. 五階でございます
gokai de gozaimasu
It's on the 5th floor
3. その電子辞書を見せてください
sono denshi jisho wo misete kudasai
Please show me that electronic dictionary
4. はい、どうぞ
hai, douzo
Here it is
5. これは日本製ですか
kore wa nihonsei desu ka
Is this made in Japan?
6. これはいくらですか
kore wa ikura desu ka
How much is this?
7. 二万五千円です
niman gosen en desu
It's 25,000 yen
8. これをください
kore wo kudasai
Please give me this
9. 博物館の電話番号は何番ですか
hakubutsukan no denwabangou wa nanban desu ka
What is the telephone no. of the museum?
10. 何時から何時まで開いていますか
nanji kara nanji made aite imasu ka
When are you (shop/place) open?
11. 九時から五時までです
kuji kara goji made desu
From 9am to 5pm
12. 休みは何曜日ですか
yasumi wa nanyoubi desu ka
Which of the days that you (shop/place) are closed?
13. 土曜日と日曜日です
doyoubi to nichiyoubi desu
Saturday and Sunday
14. この電車は動物園へ行きますか
kono densha wa doubutsuen e ikimasu ka
Does this train go to the zoo?
15. いいえ、次の「普通」です
iie, tsugi no "futsuu" desu
No, take the next "ordinary" train (stops at every station)
16. この電車は渋谷駅に止まりますか
kono densha wa shibuya eki ni tomarimasu ka
Does this train stop at Shibuya station?
17. どのぐらいかかりますか
dono gurai kakarimasu ka
How long does it take (to reach there)?
18. 何時に出ますか
nanji ni demasu ka
What time does the train leave?
19. 何時に着きますか
nanji ni tsukimasu ka
What time does the train arrive?
20. 切符を二枚ください
kippu wo nimai kudasai
Please give me two tickets
21. 道に迷ってしまいました
michi ni mayotte shimaimashita
I lost my way
22. 新宿駅までお願いします
shinjuku eki made onegaishimasu
(to taxi driver) Please take me to Shinjuku station
23. あの交差点を右に曲がってください
ano kousaten wo migi ni magatte kudasai
Please turn right at that intersection
24. あの信号を左に曲がってください
ano shingou wo hidari ni magatte kudasai
Please turn left at that traffic light
25. まっすぐ行って下さい
massugu itte kudasai
Please go straight
26. あのサインボードの前で止めてください
ano saibo-do no mae de tomete kudasai
Please stop in front of that signboard
27. 空港にはどう行けばいいですか
kuukou niwa dou ikeba ii desu ka
How can I go to the Airport?
28. バスで行けますか
basu de ikemasu ka
Can I go by bus?
29. バス乗り場はどこですか
basu noriba wa doko desu ka
Where is the place to board the bus?
30. こちらで両替ができますか
kochira de ryougae ga dekimasu ka
Can I change some money here?
31. 100 ドルを円に両替してください
100 doru wo en ni ryougaeshite kudasai
Please exchange 100 dollars into yen
32. 荷物を預けてもいいですか
nimotsu wo azuketemo ii desu ka
(in the hotel) Can I leave my luggage here?
33. ここにトイレがありますか
koko ni toire ga arimasu ka
Is there a toilet here?
34. ちょっと聞いてもいいですか
chotto kiitemo ii desu ka
Can I ask you something?
35. 手伝ってくれませんか
tetsudatte kuremasen ka
Can you help me?

The above list contains some basic Japanese phrases that you might use when you travel to Japan. I may have missed out some other Japanese phrases.

Let me know if you think there are areas that I need to cover and I will be glad to update this list of basic Japanese phrases.

If you are thinking the above basic phrases are just too much to memorize, make sure you know these top 10 must-know survival words & phrases for your next trip to Japan.

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